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This online free Kundli software provides free Kundali downloading in PDF. AstroSage Kundli software also has paid plans for astrologers as well as.
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Free online astrology Birth chart calculator with interpretation reading and daisy wheel grapic. Birth chart compatibility - couples love horoscope A birth chart, also called natal chart or astrological chart, is composed of the positions of the planets at a certain time as viewed from the earth.

The ascendant, or rising sign, indicates the position in the zodiac of the eastern horizon. A horoscope is the comparison between the positions of planets in a birth chart and the positions of the planets at a given date, usually the present date. It looks for aspects between the two charts inter-aspects , where the aspects are for example in the same position conjunction , half of the zodiac opposition , a third of the zodiac trine , and so on.

You can rent a site on my server, which is fast and easy even for someone with little skill in creating a site. You can also buy one of the versions of the software to install on your own server, see Formulas and prices for more information.

Free Online Kundli Making Software by Date of Birth and Time

These sites are adapted for enthusiasts or professionals. You can create charts on your tablet or smart phone, and since the charts are stored automatically on the server, you can view them later at home using a Mac, Windows PC or even Linux. The interface is pretty easy.


You can calculate natal charts, composite, and progressed. You can easily run and print transit or progressed hit lists.

Free Online Astrology Software and Apps For Mac, PC, IOS Android

For example, if I want to know exactly when a planet turns retrograde, enters a new sign, or completes a transit, I can run a search in Io Sprite and get the info I need. I find Windows to be a big pain in my butt. Because there are scads of astrology software programs available for the Windows platform, and many of them are free!

Luckily, someone else has done the hard work for us.

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